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Traditional Staffing

  • Contingent Labor

  • Contingent-to-Hire Services

  • Direct Hire

  • Payrolling Services

Contingent labor plays a very large role in many businesses. 1-Call Staffing applies the same standards to all temporary employees regardless of the length of the assignment or skill level required for the position. If you are not working with a staffing company that has your best interests in mind, contact us today to see what you are missing.

Professional Staffing Solutions

  • Contract Labor

  • Contract-to-Hire Services

  • Direct Hire

1-Call Staffing offers the highest level of specialized recruitment for all professional staffing placements. 1-Call Staffing maintains specialists in various disciplines. We are able to provide top quality contract labor and contract-to-hire professionals, as well as direct hire candidates. For more information on 1-Call Staffing Professional Solutions, contact us

Skill Assessment and Behavioral Testing

At 1-Call Staffing, we use industry-leading skill assessment and behavioral testing software. Contact us to see how this add-on service can guarantee that you've got the right person with the right skills. Depending on your needs, we can test our candidate for your position, or simply assess your current workforce.

What We Do

At 1-Call Staffing, we specialize in sourcing candidates with the skill set, experience, and personality to seamlessly fit the role being filled and the culture of your company. Our process begins by listening to the needs of your organization and responding with the high-quality individuals you expect. Whether you need light industrial staffing, administrative staffing, or professional and technical staffing, 1-Call Staffing has the solution.

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