Safety Policy


The safety of our workforce is definitively one of our top priorities. In addition to the preventative measures that we take when it comes to the safety of our workforce, we continue to be directly involved with the management of each employee's work injury claim should a work accident occur. We work hand in hand with our workers' compensation claims administrator to ensure a timely return to work and full recovery for the injured employee.

  • We have a comprehensive work accident/injury reporting procedure that our Field Operations team follows precisely

  • We employ a number of supplemental safety training documents

  • We maintain a very effective partnership with the occupational healthcare providers we utilize in the states we do business in

Based on the type of approved job duties that our personnel will be performing at a given client, the nature of the client's business, and the work environment that our personnel will be exposed to while working at the client, customized training documents will be provided for safety education purposes.